Hydro-Exercise in our Spa!

      Whether just enjoying the bubbles, a good game of 'fetch' or resistance swimming, our spa has been an overnight success! With our adjustable flow jets and the air induction controls, we can make your pets swimming experience anything from a fun paddle to a great work out. I don't know about your pets, but during the winter months especially, the walks and runs aren't long enough, or the older pets don't enjoy the cold. The spa seems to be a good solution. Like children, the dogs really enjoy games in the pool; a 20 to 30 minute swim, (with a few rests in between) is excellent exercise.

     Most of my dogs have been water dogs of one sort or another; my favourite breed I think are Labradors, of which I currently own 4. However in the past I owned a wonderful Newfoundland female named Moqi who would have LOVED this pool. Moqi was such a determined swimmer that when at the cottage, swimming in the lake, we would have to put Moq inside, unless all the swimmers wanted to be rescued! One time we were using our scuba gear at night, diving for crawdads with our dive lights and Moqi decided that she needed to help us. It is quite a surprise, even only at 10 or 12 feet below the surface, to see your dog go swimming by under water, especially at night; she was quite the girl. We would often see her just sitting in the lake, up to her neck in the water, with the boat wakes gently rocking her. She considered the best view of life to be at water level. I'm inclined to agree.

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1/2 hour swim (rinse and cool dry)       $35.00 plus HST

1/2 hour swim (shampoo and full dry)  $45.00 plus HST