Spa Overview


We have designed the spa room and environment for safety, fun and security of your loved one. Trex plastic decking surrounds the pool and provides a "non-slip"; "non-toxic" (pressure treated lumber should never be used as a decking material for pets or humans with bare feet) level area for getting into the spa as well as a gentle wrap-around ramp. Older dogs appreciate the ramp as it makes getting to the spa easy. We have installed a dog shower to clean the dogs off before and after their swim.

We use minimal chemicals; Countryside has purchased a top of the line spa that has two ozone generators, dual extra large filters and computer controlled temperature and circulation management. We keep the chlorine level at a very low (but safe) level and the dogs do not pick up the smell. As a matter of fact, the level is low enough that you can't smell the chorine at all. The water is tested and adjusted daily as well as filter maintenance.

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Available 12 months of the year, our dogs love it, we are sure yours will too!


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 doggie spa




dog on ramp going into spa


dog in spa swimming


dog in spa

dog getting out of spa