My name is Lynn, and this is my dog Spirit (better known as Boo in our household)



I left my job at an insurance agency, to come to Countryside and work with the animals. I remember being very excited and  anxious to start, it was December 1988.

On my first day I was asked to take the dogs out for their morning walk, I recall it very clearly because one of the dogs lifted his leg and urinated on my brand new shoes. I thought to myself, "what have I gotten into?" Well...21 years later, and many more accidents on my shoes shirts, pants, whatever, I'm still here, and loving it!

Currently, I give the humans I work with massages, when they are having trouble with their shoulders or backs; which tends to be quite often. Kathe has been the recipient of some of these massages and suggested that I use my talents on dogs. I am currently completing a canine massage course, there are many  volunteers willing to help me practise my skills.

Saint Bernard's have been the love of my life since the show "George" was on TV. I was thrilled when I learned that one of our clients at the time was a Saint breeder. I was in heaven every time the dogs came in. There was one dog in particular that I had fallen in love with, her name was Rachel. As luck would have it, one day Rachel came up for adoption, and she became mine. She was one of a kind, as have been  all of my dogs. My love for the drooly creatures has not diminished, Spirit is my third Saint.

Spirit is 5 years old and filled with personality. Even as a youngster, Kathe called her our "Walmart greeter". She comes to work with me, (when she feels like it) and generally sleeps under the desk. Spirit has made it her life's work to greet and train all of the clients at Countryside, after the welcoming she gets a treat, payment for a job well done.


I have been at Countryside long enough to have known families through 4 and 5 generations of pets. I know the names of their current and all their previous pets, I know their addresses and many of their telephone numbers, correctly by memory (I have an uncanny memory for those things, I'm also pretty good at movies...try me out sometime)

We are like a family here, there are many familiar faces and some new ones, but the thing that brought us together, the love that we share, is the pets.

Come visit.