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Chester's Birthday

Chester's Birthday Party!

On Friday January 29, 2010, Chester had a few of his daycare friends help celebrate his birthday. Chester's owners had Countryside's staff throw an all day party for Chester. They had outdoor play time, a group swim in the Spa, bath's and blow drys, more outdoor play time, and a party in the senior daycare room! The party included decorations, balloons, hats and... what Birthday Party would be complete without... Cake! Each dog had it's own "Doggie Cup Cake" which were all eagerly consumed!

Chester and his friends all had a great time and went home worn out and happy!

Here' the Birthday Party Video:

Here's some of the party fun...


party IMG_7712

party IMG_7904

party  IMG_7962

party IMG_7871

party IMG_7803

party IMG_8013

party IMG_7883

pool partIMG_7545

pool party IMG_7524

pool party IMG_7561

pool party IMG_7576